Published Articles

Selected Articles Published in 2024

Selected Articles Published in 2023

  • “Limitations of AI Writing Tools for Genealogy and Family History Writing” (details and PDF file link forthcoming)
  • “AI and Genealogy: Using ChatGPT-4 (Plus) for Photo Analysis” (details and PDF file link forthcoming)
  • “Having Fun with Genealogy with MyHeritage AI Time Machine” (details and PDF file link forthcoming)
  • Review of “We Are […]” Internet Genealogy Magazine, Apr/May 2023

Selected Articles Published in 2022


  • “Keep or Toss?” Family Tree Magazine, Sept/Oct 2022
  • “AI Tools for Family History Writers”, Internet Genealogy, September 2022
  • Review: “MyHeritage DeepStory” Internet Genealogy, September 2022
  • Review: “Photoshop Elements 2022” Internet Genealogy, June/July 2022
  • “Ten Ways to Share Genealogy at Your Family Reunion” Internet Genealogy, June/July 2022
  • Preserving Reunion Memories: Scanning and Sharing Photographs” Reunions Magazine, Volume 31 Number 1 Virtual Edition June 2022
  • “ALAFFFA-Minute: My Family’s Top 10 Reunion Activities” Reunions Magazine , Volume 31 Number 2 Virtual Edition March 2022
  • “Eastward Bound” Family Tree Magazine, July/Aug.2022
  • “Genealogy NFTs” Internet Genealogy, Apr./May 2022
  • “The Future of Genealogy Conferences” Internet Genealogy, Apr/May 2022
  • “Transforming Ancestral Photos into Digital Art” Internet Genealogy, Feb./Mar. 2022


    • Selected Articles Published in 2021

      Tracing Your Ancestors: Genealogy Research Using Google (Internet Genealogy Magazine)

      Google Issue Internet Genealogy New 2021 Edition

      Compiled by author and genealogy educator Lisa A. Alzo, an avid genealogist, writer and speaker, it is packed with tips and tricks for researching – and finding – ancestors using the wide range of tools and apps from Google. Here is some of what is included in this issue: 1. Google Photoscan; 2. Google Photos and Images; 3. What’s New with Google; 4. Google Gurus; 5. More Google Tools; 6. Google Drive; 7. Google Sheets; 8. Google Docs; 9. Google Slides; 10. Google Forms; 11. Google Chrome Extensions; 12. Google Calendar; 13. Google Books; 14. Google Maps/Earth; 15. Google Jamboard; 16. New Improved Google Translate; 17. Google Cheat Sheet.

      Click here for more information.

      • “Truth or Troll: Surviving Speaker Evaluations” Internet Genealogy, December 2021/January 2022
      • “Plot Like a Pro with Plottr” Internet Genealogy, October/November 2021
      • “Deep Nostalgia” Internet Genealogy, August/September 2021
      • “No Time Like the Present: Crafting Your Memoir” Internet Genealogy, July/August 2021
      • “Hello, Trello!” Family Tree Magazine, July/August 2021
      • “10 Tips to Boost Your Genealogy Research & Writing Productivity” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2021
      • “Advice from the Pros: Learning to Pivot” Your Genealogy Today, January/February 2021
      • “Do You Have the Notion? (Using Notion for Genealogy)” Internet Genealogy, December 2020/January 2021

    • Selected Articles Published in 2020

      Tracing Your Ancestors: Eastern European Research (Internet Genealogy Magazine)

      Tracing Eastern European Ancestors Volume 2

      New 2020 Edition!

      This Tracing Your Ancestors series has been compiled by Lisa A. Alzo, an avid genealogist, writer and speaker with a passion for Eastern European research. Here is some of what is included: 10 Best Databases for Eastern European Research; Strategies for Researching Here… and Over There!; Poland, Ukraine and Galicia Research; 10 Eastern European Societies You Should Know About; New Collections at FamilySearch; Census Records; Understanding the Meanings, Suffixes, and Variations of Surnames; 17 Websites for Austro-Hungarian Research; Finding an Ancestral Village; 10 Eastern European Genealogy Resources You Might be Missing; Translation Toolkit; and Researching Ancestors from Volhynia by genealogist and lecturer Dave Obee.

      Click here for more information.

      Polish Roots
        • “Track Your Speaking Engagements with Trello (Advice from the Pros)” Your Genealogy Today, December 2020
        • “Using Excel for Genealogy” British Connections, Volume 21, Issue 4, October–December 2020, Newsletter of the International Society for British Genealogy and Family History
        • “Tracing Your Immigrant Ancestors with MyHeritage” Naše rodina (Quarterly of  the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International) Volume 32, Number 4, December 2020
        • “No More Excuses: Ten Tips to Finally Write That Family History” British
          , Volume 21, Issue 3, July–September 2020, Newsletter of the International Society for British Genealogy and Family History
        • “Find Your Polish Roots” Family Tree Magazine, Sept/Oct 2020
        • “State Guide: Illinois” Family Tree Magazine, May/June 2020

      Selected Articles Published in 2019

        • “Family History eBooks Made Easier” Internet Genealogy, Aug/Sept 2019
        • “Measuring Your Success as a Genealogy Speaker” Your Genealogy Today, July/Aug 2019
        • “Hassle Free Heritage Travel” Your Genealogy Today, July/Aug 2019
        • “The Future of Genealogy” Internet Genealogy,June/July 2019
        • “Review: MyNdVault” Internet Genealogy, Feb/March 2019

      Selected Articles Published in 2018

        • “AirTable Review” Internet Genealogy, Dec/Jan 2019
        • “Using an Evernote Digital Bullet” Internet Genealogy, Oct/Nov 2018
        • “Book Review: The Family Tree Historical Newspaper Guide” Internet Genealogy, Oct/Nov 2018
        • “”Review: Create Personalized Content with Padlet” Internet Genealogy, Aug/Sept 2018
        • “Review: Scrivener 3 for Mac” Internet Genealogy, June/July 2018
        • “Write Daily with Writely” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2018
        • “Bringing Ancestors to Life with Animoto” Internet Genealogy, Feb/March 2018

    • Selected Articles Published in 2017

        • “Five Things You Need to Know About, Polish, Czech & Slovak Genealogy Research” Crossroads (Utah Genealogical Association) Winter 2017, Volume 12, Number 1
        • Persons of Pinterest Internet Genealogy, June/July 2017
        • Scanning with JoyFLIPS Internet Genealogy, June/July 2017
        • Tackling To-Do Lists with Things! Internet Genealogy, April/May 2017
        • Google My Maps Internet Genealogy, Feb/Mar 2017
        • Mark Your Family Milestones with Twile Internet Genealogy, Dec/Jan 2017

    • Selected Articles Published in 2015-2016

      Polish Czech Slovak Resources
              •  “Back To Your Roots (10 Tips for Crossing the Pond)” Family Tree Magazine Discover Your Roots Special Issue, Summer 2016
              • Attention Grabbers (8 Ideas to Share Family History)” Family Tree Magazine, May/June 2016
              • “Mapping It Out: (Guide to Polish, Czech and Slovak Resources)” Family Tree Magazine, May/June 2016
              • “Workbook: Naturalization Records” Family Tree Magazine, September 2015
              • “Modern Families” Family Tree Magazine, September 2015
              • “Cloud-Based Genealogy Tools” Family Tree Magazine, May/June 2015
              • “Reach New Storytelling Heights with Treelines” Internet Genealogy, Feb/Mar 2015

    • Selected Articles Published in 2013-2014

          • “Confessions of a Geneablogger” Internet Genealogy, Dec 2014/Jan 2015
          • “Immersion Genealogy” Family Chronicle, Nov/Dec 2014
          • “Hidden Treasures (Discover Your Roots in Bulgaria and Romania)” Family Tree Magazine, July/August 2014
          • “Analyze Your Writing with StoryToolz” Internet Genealogy, June/July 2014
          • “Voice Your Story with Voyzee” Internet Genealogy, June/July 2014
          • “Treasure Hunt” Family Tree Magazine, Jan/Feb 2013
          • “ Distraction Free Family History Writing” Internet Genealogy, Dec/Jan 2014
          • Scapple: Your Virtual Family History Sketchpad, Internet Genealogy, Dec/Jan 2014
          • “Say ‘Hello’ to Trello!” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2013
          • “A Minute… to Pin It!” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2013
          • “Five Ways to Get More from Evernote” Internet Genealogy, Feb/Mar 2013
          • “10 Time Management Tips for Genealogists” Internet Genealogy, Feb/Mar 2013
          • Saving Memories Forever” Internet Genealogy, Dec/Jan 2013
          • “VoiceQuilt” Internet Genealogy, Dec/Jan 2013

    • Selected Articles Published in 2011-2012

      Cold Cases
          • “Mind Maps: Free Your Mind” Internet Genealogy, Oct/Nov 2012
          • Make Every Minute Count: Time Management Tips for the Professional Genealogist,” Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly, September 2012, Volume XXXIV, Number 3.
          • “Unlocking Pennsylvania” Internet Genealogy, Aug/Sept 2012
          • “Save Every Step” Internet Genealogy, June/July 2012
          • “Family History Writing App” Internet Genealogy, June/July 2012
          • “Review Scrivener” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2012
          • “In Praise of Evernote!” Internet Genealogy, Feb/Mar 2012
          • “Tracking Ancestral Time, Online”, Internet Genealogy, Feb/Mar 2012
          • “1000 Memories: The Way We Were” IInternet Genealogy, Feb/Mar 2012
          • “Wild About Webinars” Internet Genealogy, Feb/Mar 2012
          • “City Guide: Pittsburgh” Family Tree Magazine, December 2011
          • “Become an Interactive Genealogist” Internet Genealogy, Oct/Nov 2011
          • “The Art of Teaching Genealogy,” Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly, September 2011, Volume XXXIII – Number 3
          • “Eastern European Research Made Easier” Family Chronicle Magazine, September/October 2011
          • “Skype your Genealogy!” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2011
          • “Cool Tools for Publishing Your Family History” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2011
          • “Cold Cases” Family Tree Magazine March 2011
          • “Detour to Your Roots” Family Tree Magazine March 2011
          • “Road Map to Your Roots” Family Tree Magazine, Jan 2011
          • “Buddy System” Family Tree Magazine March 2011


    • Selected Articles Published in 2010


        • “Five Ways to Connect With Your Living Kin” Internet Genealogy Magazine October/November 2010
        • “Want to Record/Write Your Family History? Start Here!” Internet Genealogy Magazine October/November 2010
        • “15 Fantastic Sites for Tracing Female Ancestors” Internet Genealogy Magazine October/November 2010
        • “Thoughts of Self-Publishing” Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly September 2010
        • “Basic Training”Family Tree Magazine, Novemeber 2010
        • “Back to Baltics” Family Tree Magazine, Novemeber 2010
        • “Endangered Sources” Family Tree Magazine, August 2010.
        • “100 Years of Gratitude:  A Granddaughter’s Genealogical Journey” Slovo Summer 2010
        • “Getting More from Google” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2010.
        • “Ancestral Atlas” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2010.
        • “LivingGenealogy”Internet Genealogy, April/May 2010.
        • “Cloudy with a Chance of Genealogy” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2010.
        • “Cozi Up to Your Genealogy” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2010.
        • “Forged In Steel” Ancestry Magazine, January/February 2010
        • “Victory in Europe” Family Tree Magazine, January 2010
        • “Silent Voices: Identifying the Historical Significance of Slovak Immigrant Women” Jednota, Wednesday February 17, 2010


      Selected Articles Published in 2009

      Recession-Proof Your Research
          • “Recession-Proof Your Research” Family Chronicle, July/August 2009
          • “Want to Find Long Lost Relatives? Write a Book!”  Family Chronicle, July/August 2009
          • “25 Super Slovak Sites!” Internet Genealogy Magazine, June/July 2009
          • “Darkness On The Doorstep: A Case Study” Internet Genealogy Magazine, June/July 2009
          • “The Future of Genealogy” Family Chronicle, May/June 2009
          • “A+ Attendance” Family Chronicle, May/June 2009
          • “Trouble Makers” Family Tree Magazine, May 2009

    • Selected Articles Published in 2008

      Where are your slovak ancestors really from?
          • “50 Websites You Might Be Missing” Internet Genealogy Magazine, September
          • “Hungary for History” Family Tree Magazine, September 2008
          • “Genealogy While You Sleep” Internet Genealogy Magazine, July 2008
          • “Clearly Canadian” Family Tree Magazine, May 2008
          • “What’s Your Type?” Family Tree Magazine, March 2008
          • “Sister Act” Everton’s Genealogical Helper, January/February 2008
          • “Where Are Slovak Ancestors Really From?” Ancestry Magazine, January/February 2008
          • “Unearthing Those Hidden Gems” Internet Genealogy Magazine , January 2008
          • “Do You Need a Genealogy Agent?” Internet Genealogy Magazine , January 2008
          • “There’s Something About Mary” Internet Genealogy Magazine , January 2008
          • “That’s Entertainment!” Family Tree Magazine, January 2008
          • “Ladies First” Family Tree Magazine, January 2008

    • Selected Articles Published in 2007

          • “What’s in That Genealogy Bank?” Internet Genealogy Magazine , November 2007
          • “Finding your Elusive Eastern European Ancestors: 10 Myths Busted” Family Chronicle Magazine, August 2007
          • “Seven Sins of Genealogists” Family Chronicle Magazine, October 2007
          • “Super Sources” Family Tree Magazine, May 2007
          • “If You Don’t Want Them, Shred Them” Nase Rodina, Quarterly of the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International, Volume 19, Number 1, March 2007
          • “Express Genealogy: 50 Family History Tasks You Can Do in 15 Minutes or Less” Family Chronicle Magazine, March/April 2006
          • “Morse Code:  Streamline Your Online Research” Internet Genealogy, March 2007
          • “23 Websites to Fire Up Your Family History” Internet Genealogy, March 2007
          • “Austro-Hungarian Research Online”,”Find the Celebrity in Your Ancestor” Internet
            Genealogy Magazine,
            January 2007

    • Selected Articles Published in 2006

          • “Customs Made” Family Tree Magazine, December 2006
          • “Case Study:  Searching for Sam”, “”,
            “Virtual Cemeteries” Internet Genealogy Magazine, October/November 2006
          • “20th Century Desperate Housewives”Family Chronicle Magazine (10th Anniversary edition), October 2006
          • “Effective Online Networking”Family Chronicle Magazine, August 2006
          • “Now Playing… Genealogy Podcasts” Internet Genealogy Magazine, July 2006
          • “Online Genealogical Research Communities” p.34,
            “Using Your Digital Audio Player for Family History” p.55
            Internet Genealogy Extra (special online issue), June2006
          • “Toning Your Family History Physique” Ancestry Magazine, May/June 2006
          • “Get in the Game” Family Tree Magazine, April 2006
          • “12 Steps to Genealogical Fitness” Ancestry Daily News, February 2, 2006
          • “Journey to the New World: The Ellis Island Database” Family Chronicle Magazine, Feb 2006
          • “Linkpendium” Internet Genealogy, February 2006
          • ” 365 Ways to Discover Your Roots” Family Tree Magazine, February 2006
          • “What Do I Care About Those People? They’re Dead” Ancestry Daily News, January 24, 2006

    • Selected Articles Published from 1987-2005

          • “Key Contacts for your research” Family Chronicle, December 2005
          • ” 20+ Great Gifts for Genealogists” Ancestry Magazine, November/December 2005
          • “Finding Your Elusive Eastern European Ancestors” NGS NewsMagazine, Oct/Nov/Dec 2005
          • “Surfing for Slovak Ancestors Part 2” Ancestry Daily News. December 28, 2005
          • “Surfing for Slovak Ancestors Part 1” Ancestry Daily News. November 1, 2005
          • “Is an Online Genealogy Training Class for You?” Family Chronicle Magazine, October 2005
          • “DeMystifying Eastern European Research” Ancestry Daily News. July 18, 2005
          • “Center of Attention “ Family Tree Magazine, August 2005
          • “Virtual Reunion” Family Chronicle, July/August 2005
          • “Top 20 Sites for Eastern European Research” Family Chronicle, May/June 2005
          • “Family Reunions” Family Chronicle, May/June 2005
          • “Learning More About Your Athletic Ancestors” Ancestry Magazine, Mar/Apr 2005
          • “Telling Stories: Bring Your Family Tree to Life…” Western Pennsylvania History, Fall 2004
          • “A Beginner’s Guide to Slovak Research” FEEFHS Journal, Vol. XI, 2003
          • “ALAFFFA Celebrates 35 Years with All-American Picnic” Reunions Magazine, December 2002/January 2003, Volume 13, Number 3
          • “Generation to Generation: The Slovak Woman’s Role in Preserving Culture and Traditions” Nase Rodina, Newsletter of the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International, September 2002, Volume 14, Number 3