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The images for the Internet Genealogy article, “More Ways of Transforming Ancestral Photographs into Digital and AI Art” (October/Novermber 2022) were created with Photoshop Elements 2022 [affiliate link]

You can choose to display your newly created art in a digital picture frame [affiliate link]

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Images mentioned in the Internet Genealogy article:

Photos of Church

Fig 1: Greek Catholic Church, Osturňa, Slovakia; original and altered.

Photo montage

Fig 2: Maria Straka photo montage of styles.

Selectively colored ancestral photographs.

Fig 3: Color Pop images of Alzo family photographs.

Side by side images original and artistic.

Fig4: Maria Straka images; original and blue.

Nine different styles of the same image. Original plate and frames.

Fig 5: Maria Straka Images: picture frames and plate.

Image of Tatra Mountains from AI Art Generator

Sample image generated via a text-to-image AI art app (Night Cafe).

Animated Ancestral Art (MP4 videos)