Three Slovak Women, 2nd Edition

Three Slovak Women

Three Slovak Women, 2nd Ed.

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Three Slovak Women is a nonfiction account of three generations of Slovak women in the steel-producing town of Duquesne, Pennsylvania and the love and sense of family binding them together. The book opens with Verona Straka, who immigrated to the United States from the tiny village of Milpos , Slovakia in 1922. The first section unfolds with Verona ‘s journey from her homeland, and then chronicles her arranged marriage to J?nos Figlyar, a hardworking, but stern coal miner/steelworker, whose fondness for alcohol led him to the often violent outbursts of which she was the target. The story then follows Verona ‘s first-born, her daughter Anna, as she grows up as a first-generation American, fearful of her father and devoted to her mother, and how this influenced the choices she made for her own life. Finally, the book concludes with Verona ‘s granddaughter, Lisa, showing how the opportunities presented to her differed from those afforded her mother and grandmother, with reflection on family values and traditions of the Slovak culture-honoring those that have been passed down from the previous two generations, while lamenting what has been lost.

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  1. I love this book. It was interesting to see the changes with each generations, but what I loved most was the “feel” of the book. My paternal line is 100% Slovak, with me being the 2nd generation born in USA. Unfortunately, I did not learn of my Slovak heritage until I decided to do the first Family History on us. By then, with the exception of one uncle, all the prior generations were gone. The uncle was the ‘baby’ of family, so he was more ‘Americanized’ and could not remember a lot of the old traditions. I have no recipes, no family stories, no Slovak traditions passed down to me. I feel like a Slovak orphan in a sense. Your book put me in touch with my culture and my ancestral roots far more than any census record or vital stat ever could. I am very grateful and truly feel a better connection to my family because of this. Thank you.

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